Handgun information for general shooting

Handguns and information for general shooting, personal protection in the home or out. Wow! Where do you start? Let’s try, I’m Jeffrey. For years I tried to keep it Jeffrey not Jeff but it didn’t work. Note the WWW.

Over the years I have spent too many hours searching for good gun related information instead of being out at the range. I do Cowboy ( I’m known as Quick-Z), Cowboy Fast Draw, Revolver Sporting Clays (Rabbits), I.D.P.A. (although I have yet to sign up). You name it I shoot it.

On this site I want US, that’s right, you and me to build an info giant of a site. Together sharing information through Video, Audio and a Handgun Forum (all still under construction) we can present guns and shooting as a positive target for people to enjoy.

Keep checking back and contact me if your interested.

Yourz, Jeffrey, OK! Jeff